Fire Ecology and Seed Research Lab



Fire Ecology and Seed Research Lab is in Division of Ecology, Department of Biology at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey and is supervised by Çağatay Tavşanoğlu.

The lab’s main research fields are fire ecology and plant ecology. We are specifically interested in the ecological dynamics of Mediterranean-type ecosystems and Anatolian steppe grasslands. We have a special interest in functional trait-based approaches to understand the ecological and evolutionary dynamics in plants.

Most of the projects in the lab focus on post-disturbance regeneration in plant communities and the ecology of seed germination and dormancy in these processes. Soil recovery after fires, fire effects on animal communities, and ecology of plant-animal interactions are also our field of interest.

Surface fire in Castanea sativa-Pinus nigra mixed forestCistus salviifolius and Lavandula stoechasBurned Cedrus libani-Pinus nigra mixed forest in Antalya-Turkey2013-04-29 14.49.13Pinus brutia and Cistus salviifolius seedlings in a burned forestSeperated parts of different plant species